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August 23, 2017

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August 19, 2017

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Why Can't You Buy Isagenix In Stores

February 5, 2017

I get asked this question a lot. I think people believe that if they cannot buy a product(s) in a store then it must be inferior. That is simply not the case which I will touch on later in this article.

How as a consumer do you benefit when purchasing Isagenix products? 


Isagenix delivers it's products through the business model of direct selling. It's a direct to consumer distribution model through a network of independent distributors. As a consumer you benefit from several things with this business model;


You will receive more personal service from your Isagenix distributor.



  • They will help you with product selection

  • Provide coaching on how to best use the products

  • Assist you with any allergy concerns with the products

  • If you are pregnant or nursing, the distributor will help guide you on which products you should or shouldn't use

  • If you have any health or medical issues, they can help you collect the right information to bring to your doctor or pharmacist to make sure you will not have any reactions.


You will get a premium product at an affordable price


When you purchase products at a typical brick and mortar store you cover a lot of other expenses to have that item on the shelf.


  • You pay for the middle man distributor mark-up

  • You pay for all the marketing and advertising expense associate with the products

  • Endorsements

  • You pay for the costs of running the store; wages, lease/mortgage, loan interest, leasehold improvements, etc.


Those are real costs. The manufacturer also needs to provide a price point which the consumer will be willing to pay for the product. How does that happen (in the case of health products) by cutting down the cost of the products with things like fillers, artificial flavours and sweeteners, less expensive protein. I am sure you get the picture.


Isagenix has a no-compromise ingredient policy.

  • As it should be, your safety is our first priority at Isagenix. Having safe, effective, “no compromise” products means giving no slack when it comes to selecting and testing raw materials, following the appropriate regulatory guidelines, and verifying that the finished products meet purity and composition standards.

Since Isagenix does not pay for marketing and advertising, endorsements, there is no middleman, and the distributor does not have the expense of Brick and Mortar stores with associated costs, Isagenix is able to supply you a premium product at an affordable price.


Market Disruptor 


So I am sure you are fully aware of market disruption with companies like Amazon, Uber, Expedia, and Airbnb. These companies have changed the way consumers purchase products and services.


The direct selling model is much like a market disruptor. It changes the way people look to buy goods and services. Direct selling has been around way longer than the companies I mentioned but I believe consumers are now realizing that products and services can be delivered in different ways. The typical brick and mortar business model of the past is not changing fast enough to meet the needs of consumers today. If you look at large retailers like Walmart, Target, and others it's clear they are scrambling to catch up with the online world.


Why entrepreneurs love the business of network marketing


When it comes to Isagenix, people usually start to promote the product line because they have had a emotional experience using products. They are enthusiastic to tell everyone they know why they should use the products. Are some people over zealous when they promote the products? Yes. However, don't hold it completely against them.


Let me ask you, have you ever referred a movie, book, vacation spot, or restaurant to someone? 


Let me ask you another question, of all those referrals you did for those businesses, how many gave you a commission check for your word of mouth advertising?


So here is why entrepreneurs love the Isagenix opportunity;


  • No expensive start up costs

  • No requirement to carry inventory

  • Solid compensation plan

  • No employees

  • No collecting of money

  • No need to deliver products

  • No expensive bank loan

  • No personal guarantees required to the bank

  • Work Full-Time or Part-time

  • Turn-Key system - included


This business model allows almost anybody an affordable opportunity to become their own boss.


Is Isagenix a "Get Rich Quick Scheme?"


No. Isagenix has been in business since 2002. They currently operate in 12 countries (UK opening up in 2017) and in 2015 had sales of $890M. Does that seem like a fly by night company?


I will admit that some people believe that they will become rich overnight with Isagenix. The truth is, just like any traditional business, you need to work hard to grow your business. I tell people they need to be realistic and plan to work for 5-10 years at building their business.


Is it worth it? Yep, every day, hour, minute and second you promote the products or the opportunity to people is an unbelievable experience. When people come back to you to thank you for making a difference in their life .. it is worth it. 


We are very grateful for the people who have come into our lives since we decided to get on this journey called Isagenix.


-Jamie & Jacqueline







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