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August 23, 2017

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August 19, 2017

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5 ways to love yourself: getting a positive image

July 2, 2017

We spend so much time waiting to be loved or hoping love will find us but the truth of the matter is we need to love ourselves first. You can’t always rely on other people to make them feel good about yourself. You need nobody else but yourself to make yourself feel good. So why not start today by taking these few little steps.



  1. Don’t compare yourself with others. You are awesome the way you are. It what on the inside that counts. The more you compare yourself with others, the less self worth you place on yourself. Your positive body image starts with yourself.

  2. Exercise. Move your body. It makes you healthy and releases endorphins. When you feel good about yourself, you will be developing a positive body image. Exercising is a part of loving yourself. You are allowing your body to be in top form. It means taking care of your body and keeping everything your body in good shape, physically and mentally.

  3. Recognize your insecurities. Turn off that little voice in your head that keeps on criticizing you. What is that voice constantly berating you about? Is it your looks, or how much you weight? Write it all down in a list. Next to it, write all the things that you love about yourself. Remember, be kind to yourself. Think about what you are good at. Identify your successes. All you need to do is just believe in yourself and trust your own judgment.

  4. Start working towards how and what you want to be. Transform your mindset and start working with a positive mindset. Find new and better opportunities. Be persistent in your work. Don’t give up so easily. Remember no pain no gain. Once you start working in what you want, you will feel much happier and you will have a positive body image of yourself. 

  5. Lastly, learn to let go of past events, You deserve a fresh start and you need to forgive yourself. Don’t punish yourself anymore. If you were always teased as a kid, that is over. Now is now. You are an amazing person now. Just know that.











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