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At First, they will ask you WHY your doing it.

Then they will ask you HOW you did it.


Tracey R

My energy has shot thru the roof! Thank you Jacqueline for introducing me to Isagenix and coaching me to success. I love feeling this great. Your amazing!!

Since discovering Isagenix from Jacque and Jamie, I  feel like a completely new person.  I have an abundance of energy, and I am physically stronger than I have been in over 25 years,  and being able to say that at age 48 feels fantastic.  Most of all I wake up feeling energetic and good about myself and ready to tackle the day ahead.  I am a Isa-lifer and loving it! 

Jennifer K

Michelle V

I met Jacqueline during a running class. She gave me this thing called an E-Shot. I had my best run all year! Needless to say, I was more than a little interested in what else she had. Best decision I made. I use to feel guilty because I had no energy to play with my kids. That's not a problem anymore! Thanks Jacqueline. You ROCK!

 Become The Best Version Of You


Coaching you to better health


You know your health is important but your always running out of time. I know that feeling! You know you need to do something but who has time to make a weekly meal planner.  You do it for a while but it never lasts, at least not long term.


Label reading is confusing. Is it really gluten free or does it matter? I could go vegetarian but the kids won't eat it. You need simple. 


Imagine looking in the mirror and saying "Damn, I look good!"

You start feeling more energetic. You don't feel as stressed as you were. Your sleeping better than you have in years. You still have those chocolate cravings but luckily you have now found healthy chocolates.

Best of all, your clothes start to fit better so you saved money from having to go buy new one's.


You start to have a feeling of calmness in your life. 

Have you been hard on yourself?

For years I fooled myself that I was eating sensible. I had lots of nutrition knowledge. I knew what to do. I would make a healthy family meal and later make a huge bowl of popcorn covered in butter and eat every single kernel. You know..sensible.

Have you ever asked a doctor for advice on getting fit and healthy? The truth is, doctors are barely trained in nutrition. It’s really not their fault. It’s simply outside the scope of their practice.

I was in a fog.

And of all the things I tried, it was Isagenix that created the most amazing, overall changes in my mind and body.

Was I skeptical at first? Of course. It was my husband that convinced me we had nothing to lose. We still joke that if we left it up to me to make the decision, I would still be researching the products. I tend to research everything.

I finally found a program that fit our busy lifestyle.


Does this sound like you at all?


“I'm doing this?”

Sound familiar? We make those new years resolutions to get back in shape!  Meal plan and track our calories. Or maybe there’s no plan at all but we’re pretty sure we should eat a lot of lettuce and absolutely no salad dressing. Buy that gym membership because we’re going to go every day. We’re going to be “good” this time.


“Only Organic food from now on or maybe Vegan”
Vegan obviously being the healthiest. No more red meat. No dairy. Easy peasy. We can do this. Rice pasta is soooooo tasty. We can afford spending $1200 a month at the health food store.


Oh, Screw It
This happens during the first glass of wine at the neighbours backyard BBQ or as soon as you board the plane for vacation. Shopping at the mall or working late. Friday is date night. This is just too hard. If we're not going to be perfect, why bother at all? Anyway…we deserve this. We have been awesome this past week!”


I meet you where you are at.


Every person’s situation is different so I discuss with you what your goals are so we can make a plan together and how the Isagenix systems could work for you. 

We discuss your health. Your family. Your job. Your lifestyle. 

We can discuss your commitment level. What is the end goal. How we are going to get you there.

You can ask me all the questions you want. I have helped a lot of people over the past 5 years but every once in awhile someone asks me a question that I haven't heard before. Luckily I have a network of nutritionists, doctors, trainers and mentors to fall back on to make sure I get your question answered.

Your success is my inspiration. Things come up and I am here to guide you to the goal line.


The outcome

You’ll have more energy. Confidence. Steadier moods. Your clothes will start to fit better…even the ones in the back of your closet. 

You’ll start feeling like yourself again.

I work with people that are motivated to make a change. I am sure you have questions. This may or may not be the program for you but why don't we talk so you make a informed decision.