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A pre-workout shot that supports nitric oxide production, which supports healthy blood flow and oxygen delivery to cells so your muscles can function efficiently and reduce fatigue.

AMPED™ Power is a pre-workout supplement designed to prepare your body for better strength and power before exercise. - 

A conveniently packaged mid-workout gel that helps sustain endurance during any extended or demanding activity.

A post-workout supplement to support muscle rebuilding and recovery.




Before winning fitness championships, Angelike worked in corporate America as a sales executive pushing 60-hour workweeks. She decided enough was enough and left her desk to earn three fitness titles and appear on four magazine covers, including twice on Oxygen.



  • 2007 World Silver Medalist XMA Champion


  • 2008 Model Florida Champion


  • 2008 Miss Bikini America


  • Four-time cover model


Why Isagenix?


Angelike always ate clean and made smart diet choices, but wasn’t quite seeing the results she was hoping for. Once she adopted Isagenix, there was no going back. The products help her feel more balanced and energetic and help her compete at the top level.

Angelike Norrie

Scottsdale, AZ

5-Time fitness cover model

Justin started playing football in the seventh grade and played all through high school, along with baseball, wrestling, and track and field. He received a Division I football scholarship to Indiana University, and after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, became an undrafted rookie free agent with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Why Isagenix?


Justin was ready for a change when what he was doing was no longer working. He was blown away by the quality of the ingredients used in Isagenix products and says he was sold after learning about the high-quality whey protein in Isagenix products.


Justin’s Training Motto


Justin follows the three D’s:

dedication, determination, and domination.

Justin Smith

Christiansted, VI

Retired NFL football player and Super Bowl XXXVII Champion

Kerri had a very successful college career at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, finishing in the top five in school history in two categories, ranking fourth in blocks and fifth in kills. As one of the most decorated players in history at UWM, Kerri wrapped up her college career after five seasons and went on to play professional indoor volleyball for one year in the Premier Volleyball League for the Wisconsin Badger Blizzards. She has now fully committed to the outdoor game on the Association of Volleyball Professions (AVP) tour, and has her eye on the 2020 Olympics. When Kerri isn’t training or competing, she coaches youth players in one-on-one lessons.


Why Isagenix?


Knowing that she wanted to play volleyball professionally and take her career to the next level, Kerri was looking for a solution to her lack of energy. When she discovered Isagenix, she found the boost she needed, and was really impressed by the love, support, and motivation she received from her new Isagenix teammates. “As a coach and idol to young kids trying to reach their goals and dreams, I want to show them how important their health is on a daily basis,” says Kerri. “With Isagenix we have the nutrition we need to make our health a priority.”

Kerri Schuh

Appleton, WI

Professional Beach Volleyball Player